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Jarecki is a singer and co-founder a band Kultórwa created in 1998. With the band, he has recorded and released an underground album called Zwirus.  In 2003 Jarecki together with his cousin DJ BRK has formed Studio Kurnik. The same year, he has released another album with Kultórwa called Muzykata. On the 25th January 2008, his first solo album Styldohwil was released followed by two made with DJ BRK – Mucha Nie Siada in 2010 and Punkt Widzenia in 2014. “Za Wysoko” is Jarecki’s latest album. The artist himself says that it is the most personal and rich in various musical flavors album yet.  Honest lyrics, Jarecki’s unmistakable voice, instrumental sections and skilfully combined genres give the album its energy and freshness. The album is produced by DJ BRK  in Kurnik Studio, featuring fantastic artists such as Grubson, Marika, Ten Tym Mes, Eldo and many more. “Za Wysoko” is a unique combination of funk, soul and hip-hop sounds released by a new record label Supa’High Music.

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