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HALO  after many years of activity of its musicians in various formations took its present shape in mid-2016. In the meantime, under the supervision of the producer Marek Dulewicz, the debut album was made in Łódź’s Embryo studio. The premiere is being announced for 2018. HALO  is an ancient Greek tradition of celebrating music in honor of the gods, in which the banqueters put on masks and get drunk with music (and high spirits). Similarly, members of HALO  focus not on exposing themselves, but on creating and expressing the energy of the music. It has not yet been possible to stick to an unequivocal etiquette for something that is the result of passion, experiments and search fueled by rock energy and torched by a producer’s gesture, however, what came out from under the pens, strings, drums, and studio machinery can be described as modern rock with elements of organic electronics. HALO ‘s texts are skeptical about the direction the world is going and moderately positive about what can be done about it. They are an attempt to find a distance, to deduce what is important from what is irrelevant. A mature story about the loss of an individual in the society of winners and consumers and the way to enlightenment.

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