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Pepe. is a producer born and raised in Ostrów Wielkopolski. Music has accompanied him from his early years, and these early inspirations can be found in his compositions nowadays. Important milestone in his career was the song “Yoko” recorded with guest star Patrick The Pan. The number drew the attention of Flirtini label, which offered him to release his EP. And so “Places Without Things” was released at the end of April 2016 and besides ‘Yoko’ included also 3 premiere tracks. The end of the year brought yet another interesting collaboration. For Flirtini’s compilation ‘Heartbreaks & Promises Vol. 3’, the artist collaborated with well-known pop singer Iza Lach. As the result of this cooperation, the song Sukienka has come to life and met with a very good reception. Piotr Rajski does music on the brink of electronic music, does experiment a bit with jazz and songwriter’s climates. He is inspired by the work of Jim Jarmusch but still can retain the intimate, melancholic atmosphere of a story that he wants to tell by the music he creates. About his creative process, Pepe himself said: “When I write music I see a picture in my head. And this picture has to tell the story. ” Pepe, or Piotrek Rajski, will serve you lo-fi and electronics in a unique and melancholic way. Currently, he is working on new material, which will be released in 2018.

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