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„Hi, my name is Marek Karwowski. I am a part of band Renton, with
which I released 2 LP’s and played a lot of gigs (including OFF
Festival and Opener). Troj is my new, one man project. It started by
chance when I got my hands on a tablet. It turns out I could have a
whole bunch of instruments right under my fingertips. This new to
me possibilities were a huge inspiration. This is how my new musical
journey with production began. In June 2017 I published my debut EP
which includes a cover of Tina Turner’s “The Best” in completely
different arrangement. Songs from the EP appeared in several radio
stations, I played couple gigs. I hear very often that my music
sounds like from 80’s, that it recalls early Depeche Mode or Talk
Talk. February 2018 is premier of my new EP.”

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