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Apollo Noir is the alter ego of French producer Remi Sauzedde. After growing up in the middle of the deepest French countryside (one would say in the middle of nowhere), a place called « The Black Woods » in Auvergne, Apollo Noir found his way into music playing drums in various Hardcore Punk and Grind bands. Hardcore is always a good way of starting music, a bit like going to the conservatory for classical musicians. During these years as a drummer, Apollo Noir listened to a lot of music, learning, digesting, forging a solid knowledge of indie music that will help him define his future sound.

His first album « A/N » naturally comes to the ears of Joakim’s Tigersushi label, it’s the kind of music they’re drawn to, ambitious, emotional, challenging, genre-defying. For Apollo Noir, this is a distortion of reality, where music and spirituality become one. His music combines rawness, brutalism, minimalism and perfectionism in a very unique way. A few transformed voices haunt the record like a ghostly mass. There’s elements of Vangelis epic synths, Oneohtrix Point Never’s futuristic free forms or Sonic Youth dissonant noise, all made mostly from rearranged live takes recorded with a whole analog synth and drum machines set up. And yet it doesn’t sound vintage at all.

Part of French Showcase.

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