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Augustyn (’92) – a man with an unusual baggage of experience, who has been on stage for couple of years. Even as KND, he appeared to the public as an extremely brilliant and mysterious rapper, whose work on the map of the underground music was characterized by a unique style.


Rap of KND brought a dark, heavy climate, full of drugs and psychedelic style. Almost four years ago, Konrad’s life changed enormously and his habits made a 180 degree change. The result was a change of the nickname and a break with the current style and turn to the “bright side of power” – with maintaining its great form. Today, as Augustyn, he has already made two albums, and this year’s “Nawrot” seems to be his most refined work, an album filled to the brim with raw, excruciating emotions that can touch deeply. This is a harsh and smooth-looking study of going through depression when everything around you is falling apart – to fully appreciate this album, check it in peace and quiet, because such records in Polish rap do not appear often.

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