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Frankly, it’s a bit difficult to find ba. using search engines, but don’t let that put you off. Benas Aleksandravičius, the singer, songwriter and driving force behind this band (it’s called after his initials, if you haven’t guessed it already) is one of those jaw-dropping success stories – when he broke through in 2013, a couple of months later he was getting hundreds of thousands YouTube views – at tender age of 16, without record label backing or conventional promotion, this indie rock singer managed to capture hearts and minds of young internet generation.

On the stage, he is truly a man possessed by his art – seeing Benas perform is an intense experience, with stream-of-consciousness lyrics (which, one may speculate, are difficult to decipher for even the most loyal fans) adding to his weird charisma.

In 2019 ba. released their second full album H8 and had a solo show for 3000 people. The band already presented their new album in the biggest festivals in Lithuania, in Reeperbahn festival in Germany and also in Zandari festival in South Korea.

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