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Vocalist, producer, composer, songwriter. For a couple of years active on the Polish alternative and electronic scene. Both of his studio albums released by NEXTPOP collected great reviews and were included in numerous end-year rankings as one of the best Polish albums.





Baasch is a hypnotic, suggestive vocal, gloomy sounds and catchy melodies. It is also one of the most unique propositions on Polish alternative music market. He himself composes, writes, produces and sings his songs. He has developed his own recognizable style, efficiently moving between electronic music and synth-pop.





Baasch’s third album is a continuation of the carefully developed style of the previous albums – an intelligent dialogue between dance music and dark-pop. His new songs are a description of life under the cover of the night. Baasch writes about emotionality and relationships in a unique way. He express stuffy, night atmosphere in bold lyrics, using Polish language in his works for the first time.

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