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Ever since debuting the scene with Re:Source in 2015, Bart Desmet of BARST has been on a constant quest to bring his vision to life.

In order to transmit the brutal, and the subtle, the dirty, and the clean, the fierceness, and the calm, the consonant and the dissonant, BARST constantly experiments with a myriad of effects, loopers, synths, guitars and whatnot. In translating this to the stage, he has called on the help of a great number of skilled musicians. Slowly but steadily, BARST has become the band to witness live, because it has always been and will always be a unique experience.

Having in the last couple of years fanned out from just a one-man orchestra to an ever-changing collective of musicians, 2019 marks the year BARST will process all of these experiences and return back to his source. Packed with tons of experience and an intricately crafted backline, BARST has rethought his entire operation and reinvented himself once more.

Don’t think this brushing up with the source will diminish the sound or the experience on the whole. Quite the contrary! This renewed focus packs a punch like never heard or seen before. 2019 holds many surprises – so let BARST take you on a journey.

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