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Original songs meet bold improvisations! Radosław Bolewski – drums, vocal Maciej Tubis – piano, bass synthesizer

This unique synergy dazes and mesmerizes listeners and live audience.

Their first project “Lunatyk” (“Sleepwalker”) released in March 2018 received favorable reviews from many music journalists. It was praised both for the musical compositions and the lyrics authored by Radosław Bolewski and Piotr Chańko.

Bolewski and Tubis on themselves: “The two of us make enough music to qualify as a quartet. Coming from two different musical worlds, we were quite surprised that by colliding them we would in effect produce the kind of work that fully satisfies our musical aspirations: the love for songwriting and improvisation in which we feel right at home, as it gives us the freedom of musical expression”

Jędrzej Janicki (JazzPRESS 06/2018): “There is something profound in this duet’s music, a quality that removes all indifference as you soak the melodies in. The special sensitivity in working with both the sound and the lyrics, all wrapped in the most contemporary of forms, makes “Lunatyk” one of the finest albums that have emerged in Polish music in the last few years.”

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