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One of the greatest musical revelations of 2016.


Bovska – a graduate from the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music and the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. The first edition of her debut album “Kaktus” sold out in two days and the Artist received a Gold Record for selling over 10,000 copies of the single with the same title. Before the album’s premiere Bovska’s songs were breaking popularity records on the Internet, where they have been played over 40 million times so far. Bovska is a co-author of her albums, which she creates in cooperation with Jan Smoczyński. As of now these three albums have been released:  “Kaktus”, “Pysk”, “Kęsy”.


BOVSKA has performed at major festivals throughout the country: Open’er Festival, Orange Warsaw Festival, Krakow Live Festival, Slot Art, Festival and the National Polish Song Festival in Opole. She was also the only star from Europe at the Shimokitazawa Sound Cruising festival in Tokyo in 2017. Nominated for the MTV Music Awards back in 2016 for the Best Polish Artist category.


She has had two nominations for the Fryderyk Award: Phonographic Debut of the Year 2016 and Album of the Year 2017 in the Electronic category; for the album “Snout”. What distinguishes Bovska’s work is the original, colorful artistic layer of all created projects. This was appreciated by the Yach Film Festival jury, who in 2013 nominated the “Long way” music video in the Pictures category and in 2016 the „Klik” music video in the Plastic Space Arrangement category.


From the beginning, the artist impresses with her expressive, recognizable stage image. The visual setting of her projects is refined to the limit – from a conceptual publishing house, through a website and a series of chamber recordings, to impressive music and stage designs. In addition to composing, Bovska deals with graphics and illustrations, designing all graphics herself; including the album covers.


This spring, Bovska’s fourth album will be released. Singles included are: „Leżałam”, „Będę przy Tobie” and „Wujek G”.

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