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Caville is an artistic endeavour that came to life in the summer of 2019, initiated with a need to share energy, emotion and message incorporated in music that couldn’t fit in just one person’s head anymore.

It’s a fusion of electronic sounds emerging from darkness with dance vibes and upbeat grooves, and a lyrical attempt to befriend the darker side that lies dormant in every one of us.

Music and lyrics created by Tom are an artistic experiment, connecting many different forms that show that today’s music is not only a work of patterns and definite formulas.

The band debuts in 2020 with their first studio album entitled “Freakshow” – a circus-themed journey through fears and anxieties that we all face in everyday life, a coming-of-age story leaving a hint on how to fight our insecurities and do it with a song on our lips, dancing off the demons on the way and becoming a part of the titular Freakshow, remaining true to our own selves after finally finding it. The album, an energetic and twisted fusion of Electronica, Dance, Alternative Pop, Hip-Hop and Indie Rock, is scheduled for release in May 2020.


Caville is:

Tom – main vocals, synthesizers, songwriting and production;

Wojtek – drums and percussion, additional songwriting.

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