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In 2011 highly skilled academic cellist Valters Puce (Latvia) decided to establish the new band DAGAMBA, and invited his childhood friend, also a cellist, Antons Trocjuks (Russia, Ukraine) to join the band. After few years of experimenting with different styles of music and instruments, in 2014, they met percussionist Hamidreza Rahbaralam (Iran) and pianist Dainis Tenis (Lithuania), and they started to play together.

Later, in 2016, for the first time DAGAMBA performed in their current line-up, when drummer Arturs Jermaks (Italy) joined them. DAGAMBA fuse the musical cultures to form a unique and powerful sound. Exploring previously unchartered musical territory, they create a vivid and dynamic performance. Their music, arranged by Valters Puce and Dainis Tenis, is equally impressive both when playing Beethoven and rocking out to Led Zeppelin. Their performance is a mix of classical, world, rock and pop music.

Part of Meet Music Latvia&Lithuania!

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