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Diuna was formed through a series of strange, yet colorful happenings in 2013. In the cold, wet and windy environment Poland, an anomaly occurred – a hot, sandy dune appeared on the horizon. Steam filled the air, and fueled the engines of the stoned noise caravan. Chanting in their native language, they strode step by step, playing shows alongside such bands as 1000Mods, Godsleep and Elder. They performed at festivals such as Red Smoke Festival, Smoke Over Warsaw, Soulstone Gathering. The band also appeared at Męskie Granie in 2019 (Wrocław). To date, the band has released two EPs and two LPs – “The Very Best of the Golden Hits” (2017) and “Golem” (2019). The latter was promoted during a tour with Nightrun87, one of the most prolific figures on the Polish synthwave scene. Diuna consists of four members: Konstanty Mierzejewski, Patryk Mitzig, Malies Klipiun and Jakub Didkowski, who wish you a pleasant onward journey.

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