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Who would have thought that the Voyager mission (1977), which had the world’s most representative musical legacy sent into deep space, was going to have such an impact on three musicians from Poznań and Bydgoszcz. Acting as DOBRE BO DOBRE (GOOD ‘CAUSE GOOD) they’re about to make their first step on the Moon during the Enea Spring Break Festival, using multiple musical languages – onirism, folk tale, energetic beat and heart-grappling lyrics. They get their audience hooked with their mature, spectacular, unique melodic story. Worlds of incorrigible romantics, rebels, gentle souls and stately travellers meet aboard a multispecies spaceship, filled with sounds of archaic resophonic guitar mixed with electronic flow.

A bit like Polish Florence, a bit like Bat For Lashes and Wrońska, a touch of Bonobo or Radiohead. Still – GOOD ‘CAUSE GOOD.
The trio is composed of musicians known from such bands as DagaDana, Something Like Elvis or Limboski. Soon they’ll lock themselves up in a studio to record their first album.
Daga Gregorowicz (DAGADANA) – vocals, electronica
Sławomir Szudrowicz (SOMETHING LIKE ELVIS, Koń) – resophonic guitar, acoustic guitar
Jacek Cichocki (LIMBOSKI) – keyboards, electronica
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