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Enchanted Hunters is a Polish band founded in 2010 by Małgorzata Penkalla and Magdalena Gajdzica, two Polish women in their early twenties, sharing love for Stereolab and polyphony. And probably the best songwriters you have never heard about.

Their first record, critically acclaimed Peoria consisted mostly of short and beautiful dreamfolk tracks, showing their amazing abilities as songwriters and arrangers, with baroque-like melodic density unfolds a completely unique universe in Polish pop.

Their Little Crushes EP was a continuation of their atmospheric and intricate songwriting, but recently the band have eschewed violin and guitar for synthesizers. Their new material is a complete change in trajectory, with all songs written in their native Polish.

One perfect example is Fraktale, their synthpop gem of a song, the harbinger of the new material scheduled for release in 2019.

In 2015, Enchanted Hunters received the most prestigious award for best Polish film music, Grand Prix Komeda, for their soundtrack for the film Little Crushes. Małgorzata Penkalla co-wrote music for the acclaimed Rojst TV series for HBO.

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