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1988 (Przemysław Jankowiak) – Born in Szczecin, attached to Gdynia and currently living in Warsaw producer, composer, musician. Together with Robert Piernikowski heperforms in the duo “Syny” and has published two albums under this project – “Orient” and “Sen”. As a solo artist he released an album “Gruda” in 2017. He has worked with many leading artists from both hiphop and alternative polish scene, like Lotto, Pezet, Rosalie, Włodi, Jetlagz or Kristen. Primeshit Quality. The new, to be released in march album “Ring The Alarm EP” (Latarnia Records) is an intense, bass overflowing material, coming from a deep fascination with the British scene, jungle, sound system culture and hiphop – all set in the distinctive 1988 sound. Title of the album is at the same time a reference to the track of Tenor Saw and a commemoration of one of 1988’s performances in Warsaw, during which the smoke from smoke machines set off a fire alarm twice, forcing the fire brigade to evacuate the whole building. Ring the alarm / another sound is dying.

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