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Evorevo was founded in Wrocław on the initiative of Igor Pudło, member of nu jazz duo Skalpel and the creator of the solo project Igor Boxx. The band was co-founded by Tomasz “Magiera” Janiszewski – one of the leading Polish hip-hop producers. Evorevo’s first album Underpop was an eclectic collection of electronic works, featuring: Piotr “Emade” Waglewski, Barbara Wrońska and Maciek Kurowicki. The success of Supersens, sung by the latter, made Maciek join Evorevo as a frontman.

The sound of  their second album  Dwubiegunowa is the result of musical fascination of all members of Evorevo, who are particularly fond of the 1980s electronic music. Their music is digital, while analogue lyrics tell the story of life at a time when the world as we know it disintegrates around us. The album is a story about a passionate, often bipolar relationship between a man and a woman. It presents images of the urban jungle, through which urban animals mark out their routes – through clubs, all-night travels in the real and unreal world; through emotions – sometimes whispered, sometimes shouted out.

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