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Eyelids is an electropop duo from Poland, though their sound is an experimental journey across influences from various music genres. Dagmara Karolik and Tomasz Drogokupiec base their artistic work on feelings and emotions. The music created by Tom reflects the world view as something that we discover every day. Lyrics, written by both him and Daga, are coming-of-age stories, as well as adventures into the deepest and most intimate parts of the young artists’ minds. In the summer of 2018 they had their first concert tour in support of their debut. Eyelids’ discography so far consists of 12 original songs and 7 professional music videos created in collaboration with Hole Films crew. The band appeared, among others, on Radio Katowice,  Radio Kraków, Radio ChilliZET, TVP Katowice, Ultramaryna, Wyspa.fm and Outrave. In October 2018 the duo became one of the contestants on Radio Trójka’s talent show, “Start NaGranie”. They won the second semi final episode of the show, performing on-air on the most prestigious alternative radio in Poland.
Since December 2018 Eyelids and their single “Bloodflower” are a part of a collective project “My Name Is New” held by one of the most successful record labels in Poland – Kayax.

Part of My Name Is New showcase.

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