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Fickle Vibe is an energetic band that intriguingly combines future soul & vintage spacious psychedelic sounds with an attitude worthy of jazz taking the audience into a cosmic journey. The band came to life because of the need to play and combine melodies that are elusive, unstable, changing, just fickle. They travelled with their music not only around Poland but also Georgia (White Bridge Festival) and Germany (Polytopia Festival, Lalonova Open Air, Exchange Festival, Fete de la Musique). They were also recognized by appraised artist Dawid Podsiado in Skoda Auto Muzyka, won Meskalina Festival and run 2nd at Emergenza Festival. 

Fickle Vibe is starting a new chapter along with the single The path, the journey and process. Its a story about colorful and windy road called life & an invitation to focus more on small things as joy can be found in the path itself, in the journey and in the process of getting where you want to go. Be open to change, be brave, dont give up as you are stronger than you think and life is full of wonderful twists and turns. Enjoy the ride 

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