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After several years of diverse musical activity in Silesia, the current FONOGON emerged. They debuted with Trans Digenitality EP and after becoming laureates of District Sounds Good in 2019, the band came to be a part of a patronage project of Katowice the City of Music UNESCO in 2019. The concerts, as well as the members, are peculiar. The exchanges of instruments are combined with pleasant yet, at times, trancelike music. The band moves from radio-friendly songs (ideal for a trip through foreign lands with your best friends during the longest holiday of your life) to angelic bliss making you feel wysoko (Polish for “high”). It’s a truly eerie dance, indeed, coming from the 20th-century aristocratic ballrooms. Currently they are performing as a trio, exhibiting the more electronic side of their music.


Genres: Neo-psychedelia / Dream Pop / Indietronica / Synth Pop / Harshalamakoth

Band members:

– Martyna Gołębiowska

– Adrian Gryń

– Radek Sierakowski (also a solo artist under this very name)

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