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Gang Śródmieście (Downtown Gang) was formed on March 7th 2017. Three friends: Karolina Czarnecka, Magda Dubrowska, and Nela Gzowska decided to write and record a song and shot a video within 24 hours just in time for The International Women’s Day. The crazy plan worked and so the first song “Sprawy Niewiescie” was released a day later. It encouraged other women to write personal emails, that inspired the band’s lyrics. Two months later the band played their first gig in Warsaw’s legendary club Eufemia and got signed by Karrot Kommando. Their debut album “Feminopolo” was released in November 2017. It’s an explosive mixture of such diverse musical genres as punk, techno, riot grrrl, sea shanty and hip hop. The band is also famous for their expressive live performances and distinct image. See for yourself and join The Gang!

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