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After six years of silence, Grabek (PL), post-classical ambient electronica artist and producer, is back with his third solo album.
This is what he says about the new release: ‘Day One’ is an album with the most personal music I’ve ever created; it’s a practically wordless story about a birth specifically defined in space and time; it’s a story about a new, painful, beautiful, sometimes trivial and sometimes chaotic beginning. Do I want to let go of my musical past with this album? Hard to say. I don’t think I have a straightforward answer.’
The third album entitled ‘Day One’ was released on May 18, 2018 via Gusstaff Records.
Since its release, the album has been enthusiastically received by fans and critics alike. The Interia portal rated ‘Day One’ 9 out of 10 points; Jarosław Szubrycht, editor-in-chief of the opinion-forming Gazeta Magnetofonowa quarterly music magazine called the album: ‘excellent,’ to name just a few media sources.

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