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1931 marks the beginning of the Cracovian street band, which was created in the backyard. It wasn’t another ordinary band, but the rebellious band, who with songs and music branded iniquity, rape and all of the abominations of the surrounding reality of this period in Poland which was much more complicated than it might seem to us today. Rebellious Street Band Hanba! is a musical and literary fiction, proving that punk rock was not born in the British Isles in the rowdy 70s, but in the turbulent times of the Second Polish Republic, which were not only heydays of culture, art and technology but also the time of the destruction of democracy and the authoritarian rule of Sanation and its imperialist impulses. Their concert in Nikiszowiec (August 2015) was recorded by the famous KEXP. Their debut album was released on the 7th of February 2016 and was recorded in Studio S4 of Polish Radio with help from Wojciech Przybylski and then mixed by Jacek Gladkowski. Part of Don’t Panic! We’re from Poland Showcase!



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