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Happy Pills are pioneers of alternative guitar sound in Poland. In their songs, pop melodies intertwine with noisy guitars. They debuted in 1997 with the album “Soft”, followed by a much-acclaimed “Lo-Fi”. Their third album “Smile”, released by Antena Krzyku, was even distributed in the USA, but the tour intended to promote it coincided with the attacks of 9/11 and consequently failed to happen. After 2001, the band suspended their activity only to return in 2008 with a new female lead, Natalia Fiedorczuk, with whom they made the album “Retrosexual” and the EP “Happy Pills”. Currently, the musicians are working on their next original material.

Schneider or Dirk Dresselhaus is a prominent figure on the Berlin music scene. He records as Schneider TM, plays and sings in the guitar band Locust Fudge and frequently engages in other projects. In 2000 he released the EP “Happy Pills Meet Schneider” with Happy Pills. After 20 years, the album will be re-released as a limited vinyl edition. Spring Break will be the first time the musicians have performed together live.

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