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DJs and good friends, first and foremost, whose paths first crossed at a random after party god knowns when. Life is a bitch, things happen for a reason, and a half decade, one or two heartbreaks, as well as a bunch of parties later, as luck would have it, they came up with a concept. Right place, right time, leading them to score a monthly residency at their favourite club. Fast forward a few years, and they can still stand each other, only getting dramatic on the odd occasion, only now holding a different residency, and playing locally three to four weekends a month. People come, the same people, almost every week. No matter where, no matter at what time, you would be very hard pressed to find them playing to an empty dance floor, be it during a warm up set at places like Poznan’s SQ Club, or at nine in the morning at a club they decided to go the whole nine yards at, just cuz the vibe was right.

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