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Multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter I Am Soyuz is an up and coming pop act combining the calm sound of mesmerising female vocals with a haze of folk music and dreamy lyrics to create a beautiful piece of folk-tinged pop.

Her debut album Whipple was written during a few years of adventurous travels, beginning in Mexico at a hospital around the border to Texas, a hippie trip to New Orleans, through the deserts in Nevada at the Burning Man Festival, into a wonderful year of busking in Rome to the north pole where she lived in a horse stable for a while after creating wonderful tunes by the shore of Danube in Budapest. Finally after landing in Stockholm she has gathered all the captivating experience of her travels and created an album soaked in the ethereal aura of freedom which accompanies her sound. The compelling vocals and a highly infectious melody combines a stripped-back vibe accompanying those harmonious lyrics.

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