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We waited for Igor Herbut’s solo album for over eight years, but it was worth being patient.


This is the artist’s first solo album – beautiful, mature and absolutely honest. Although Igor is known for his privacy, the new album lets listeners into his world and allows them to transcend its intimate sphere.


Fans of Igor’s vocal talent will certainly not be disappointed, because he has set the bar even higher than before. The unique timbre, brilliant technique and emotional interpretations of the texts – on this album they are polished to perfection. It is much more than just a voice and piano – it is over 70 minutes of music, which consists of songs that often last up to 7-8 minutes.

In addition to the premiere songs composed, written, instrumentally arranged, sung and played on the piano by Igor Herbut, there is also a song composed to the poem by Leopold Staff, which Igor performed live last year on Trójka radio.

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