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Immortal Onion are an instrumental band from Gdańsk, PL. The group consists of Ziemowit Klimek (upright bass/bass guitar/moog), Tomir Śpiołek (keyboards) and Wojtek Warmijak (drums).


The band was formed in 2016. Having won the „Jazz phonographic debut” competition, the group released their first album (“Ocelot of Salvation”) in July 2017. Since then, they have performed in 11 countries at numerous international festivals and venues. In 2019, the trio recorded and self-released their live album from Sopot.


In the beginning of this year, the group signed to “U Know Me Records” and will release their second studio album called “XD [Experience Design]” in March.


Immortal Onion offers a bold combination of many seemingly remote styles – jazz, minimalism as well as fusion, electronic music and even progressive metal.

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