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JANKA is a project made from a musical friendship between the two of the most original characters of the Polish electronic scene – Daniel Drumz and Hatti Vatti. The distance between them is 500 km (Cracow – Gdansk), but the love of analog equipment, sampling, and classic club aesthetics plus the fascination with the 90’s – that’s what connects these two. JANKA is not just the studio recordings, as from the very beginning the idea for the project was to play live. Mostly analog equipment – synthesizers, samplers and drum machines are the gear used in their club live acts. Each JANKA’s performance is different – there is always a lot of improvisation. One thing is certain – you won’t stand still at their show! It is hard to categorize their sound, but early 90s rave/jungle and dubby UK bass music are the genres that definitely come to mind! “Krzyżacy” EP will be released on vinyl and digital via U Know Me Records on 16th of February! 5 premiere tracks is a foretaste of what JANKA is preparing for this year’s festivals!


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