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Jesień plays its post-punk vision as if it was jazz, in an atmosphere of struggle, improvisation and constant dialogue. The respect given to American post-hardcore bands from the 90’s meets here  with the tradition of raw European art-rock, krautrock and progressive rock. Jesień is not afraid of emotions, understatements and setbacks – because thanks to them it builds band’s suggestive narrative; sweaty, sleepy and disturbing. You can search for references, but none of them is worth relying on – the mud that Jesień binds is difficult to define – and maybe that’s why it’s so authentic.

Jesień was created in 2009 in Toruń. Till now,  the band has played nearly a hundred concerts in Poland, Spain, France, Switzerland, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Belarus. Jesień played in small clubs and at festivals – to name a few: Pleroma Festival (DE), OFF Festival, Lado w Mieście, PiotrkOFF Festival, RóbSzum, Transgresje Festival. By 2015, the band released two EPs and a mini album entitled “O”. A year later, in 2016, the first long-playing album of the band was released. “Jeleń” was published by Music Is The Weapon, a Gdynia label promoting independent music. While working on these materials, Jesień cooperated with artists such as Marta Rogalska (Pchełki), Zosia Chabiera (ex-Drekoty) and Natan Kryszk (Pokusa).

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