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“In the beginning there was an ukulele. Its sounds accompanied me during the journey, in sadness and joy, it filled the silence and complemented melodies sung by me. And then came: piano, guitar, drums, violin, double bass, mandolin, and finally a trombone. That is how the band, with which I recorded two beautiful albums, traveled around Poland touring for the last 3 years and I understood that music is my passion, was created. But the time comes when you want to go back to the beginning – feel again the thrill that you felt for the first time sitting alone in the room, on the carpet, singing for yourself. Folk it! Dreams are there to make them come true. I would love to invite you to a concert tour during which we will quietly, calmly and breathfully recount the stories enclosed in the songs from the albums Parsley and Postcards From the Seaside ”

– that’s how Julia Pietrucha announces her latest tour entitled “FOLK it! TOUR “.

Julia Pietrucha became famous as a TV series’ and films’ actress. In April 2016, she independently released her debut album “Parsley” inspired by several months of traveling around Asia. The album contains 15 songs in a balladic pop climate, with folk elements and soothing ukulele sounds. A few months after the premiere of the first album, Julia moved to the sea, which soon became her inspiration to write songs for the second album “Postcards from the seaside”. Mandolin and trombone joined the already well-known instruments. Julia Pietrucha has been successfully playing concerts in Poland for over a dozen seasons, infecting the audience with her energy and unique songs.

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