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Karian (’95) – admirer of everything that is retro and that is still difficult to normalize. A member of the Hashashins order, residing in his heart – in Krakow. He has two solo LPs, but as he says, the last one – “Skrawki” – is a project that allowed him to spread his wings and direct his musical development.


Karian is not afraid of experiments. Raised in the ’90s, he eagerly smuggles in a characteristic manner in his singing. Recently, he bravely began to combine with vocals, which gives effects on the one hand Post Malone, and on the other – Artur Rojek from the beginning of his career. Together with his friend Ramzes, they built on “Skrawki” intimate atmosphere, which escapes the sorting of genres. It’s a real unique on the Polish scene (not only hip-hop scene), which will probably surprise us many times. Later this year, we will hear his ’90s hits’, which will remind many people of the carefree times of childhood.

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