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Karolina Czarnecka is an interdisciplinary artist, joining in her creative process various domains of art– while exploring the limits and stretching out their own boundaries. She became recognized after performing “Hera, koka, hasz, LDS” song at the Stage Song Contest in Wrocław. Her interpretation stole YouTube users’ hearts. She’s an actress and a puppeteer, a member of a music cabaret Pożar w Burdelu (The Fire in a Brothel) and a feminist punk group Gang Śródmieście (The Downtown Gang). In 2014 she released EP “Córka” (Daughter) with her biggest tube “Hera, koka, hasz, LSD” and another hit “Demakijaż”, recorded with L.U.C. Spring 2018 brought “Solarium 2.0” LP with “Anaruk” and “Mój pokój” (My room) singles. The recording is a continuation of the story that began on the first album. LP was followed by a concert tour “Solarium 2.0 18/19”. Karolina also performed in front of Pol’and’Rock Festival audience and on Scena Ż stage at Męskie Granie in Krakow.

On the 15th of November 2019 album „Cud” („Miracle”) was released, followed by “Módl się za nami” („Pray for us”) and “Trzydzieści” („Thirty”) video clips available to watch. This is what Karolina says about the album: It’s rap-like and folk-like. Traditional and conservative land of Podlasie is confronted with a liberal bubble of Warsaw, where I live now. I mix East with West, sacrum with profanum, folk with rap and I’m trying to find non-religious spirituality. The first part of ‘Cud’ tour happened last fall, now you can check concert dates for upcoming performances in your town. In March you can expect next single from ‘Cud’ LP.

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