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KhadyaK is a multi-talented artist: Producer/ Songwriter /Singer / Choreographer / Dancer /Performer / Model. Her compositions combine elements of alternative, dance, electronic, hip hop music.

Percussionist and backing vocalist on promoting the latest album of French recording Artist’s Adrien Gallo “Gemini”. After many concert for her solo project she plays on festival like Make Music Stockholm (Sweden). She is approached by Artist such as Azealia Banks to write in French and to play first part of Iggy Azalea Divan du Monde in Paris.

Before her interest in music, Khadyak is known as a choreographer and professional dancer for artists like ASAP ROCKY, BUSY P,
Metronomy, Yelle, Breakbot…

Khadyak is also a Model, collaborate with JEAN-Paul Goude, HERMES, STELLA MC CARTNEY, KOCHÉ,ADIDAS. Her Live is a mix of her skills including fashion, dance and video installation.

Part of French Showcase.

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