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Koza (’00) – Magik 2.0? Polish Earl Sweatshirt? Maybe, but first and foremost – Koza. A strange guy, how he raps about himself. Practicing methodical madness, mixing substances as well as in your heads. Just beware, because this individual from Raszyn does not cry fearfully, but attacks. Very strongly.

He can be intentionally annoying. He can provoke. He has a passion for abstraction and dadaism, he spits out difficult words like from a machine gun. That’s right – Koza has a solid background not only of reading, but also of pure rap skills which he has developed on freestyle as a part of WLW participation. He constantly works as part of the Bypass team, he was in Lekter Records, and now he publishes in Hashashins.

He released the EP “Flights” or collaborated with Ozz, but it seems that it was the album “Mystery Dungeon” released in Lekter that showed how great potential lies in him. It’s deeply rooted in a climate of psychorap, and even horrorcore, neurotic, hysterical rap, dragging out the heaviest human nightmares and a brutal record of crazy thoughts of depressed mind. This album is difficult, but unique, by many critics described as a revelation and one of the biggest publishing events of the year.

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