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Krakowitz is the music project by Piotr Figiel and Dominik Gawronski, settled between Krakow and Katowice. The stylistic combination of various inspirations resulted in IDM beats mixed with nostalgic progressions of chords, ambient spaces and organic samples. The Krakowitz music expresses melancholy and longing for the times when the sun was pleasantly yellow, when one could run across meadows all day long, flying paper planes and listen to tape cassettes. Because of this nostalgia, the album is available not only in digital distribution, but also in a limited cassette batch. Apart from live act gigs, Krakowitz has also worked with Krzysztof Gonciarz, well established polish youtuber known for his video materials and vlogs about Japan. In 2019 the group was invited by Krzysztof to create music for his „Tokio 24” exhibition at Muzeum Sztuki i Techniki Japońskiej Manggha in Krakow.

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