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Kwiaty band was created in Gdańsk, Poland in 2016 by a group of four, fairly jouful friends. Their music has four different sources, which all together gives a combination of indie-rock, psychedelic music, shoegaze and inspirations taken from Twin Peaks series. Kwiaty wander on borders of genres, creating addictive songs, sometimes influenced with more dynamic details taken from punk-rock music. The band plays self made songs with polish lyrics. The lyrics are not only a background for music, but a very important part of every song-story. Kwiaty has released their first album at the beginning of 2019 – the tracks have been performed mainly in Gdańsk, but also in other big cities of Poland – Cracow, Warsaw, Poznan and Opole (Opole Songwriters Festival). Meanwhile, at the rehearsal room in a center of Gdańsk’ oldtown, new songs are being created – for sure they will appear on a second album in a while.

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