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Lea Santee is a Vienna-based duo, consisting of songwriter Lea Stöger and producer Manuel Hosp. Both previously played in indie bands but developed a strong passion for electronic music over time and decided to combine efforts. In 2015, their first track got released on Soundcloud, which led to a subsequent #1 position in the Hypmemachine charts. This gave them first international attention and a publishing deal with Ariel Rechtshaid, who is prominent for his work with artist such as Adele and Haim. As a consequence, Lea Santee’s first EPs, VENICE I and VENICE II, were finalized by them in Los Angeles and VENICE I was eventually released in June 2017. This was followed by more Top 10 positions in the Hypemachine charts for their singles Rollin´ and Hopeless and airplay on various relevant radio stations. Additionally, they got featured a couple of US TV series. Previously they played at places like the legendary Berghain Kantine in Berlin, the Out of the Woods Festival and the Popfest in Vienna. This led to a growing international fan base and a nomination for Best Pop Newcomer 2017 at the UK Music Video Awards in London last October. VENICE II will now be released in April 2018 and is anticipated by fans and the music press. It will be followed by their first international tour and shows at a number of festivals. The first single „Don’t Give Up“ came up at a time where they had to push themselves to keep doing what they love and to not give up too easily. The song is also intended to motivate other people to chase their dreams.

Supported by INES – Innovation Network Of European Showcases.

Supported also by Austrian Music Export and The Austrian Cultural Forum Warsaw.

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