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“Again”, the second album of the Indie-Rock band Leoniden, is the latest proof that anything is possible when you leave all boundaries behind. The first single “Kids” is especially thrilling and as catchy and inspiring as it gets.

The band’s history is one of a tight-knit group with a deep passion for music that doesn’t let any outside influence change their approach of creating a unique and extraordinary sound. It’s hard to put a finger on when exactly it all started, but it was definitely at a very young age.
While Lennard Eike (guitar) and his brother Felix (drums) as well as JP Neumann (bass) and Djamin Izadi (keyboard) all went to school together and started playing music as a group at the age of eleven or twelve, singer Jakob Amr joined them later on. Mutual friends had introduced him to the group and at a first blind-date-like meeting everything fell into place. Without further ado, Jakob Amr moved from Hamburg to Kiel and Leoniden was formed.

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