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Vocalist, composer, songwriter and one of the most popular artists of the young generation. Her achievements include four studio albums: “Add the blonde” (2014), “Just the two of us” (2015), “Monkey Business” (2017), and “Gaja Hornby” (2019). The last material was recorded in Polish, showing the new face of the artist – mature, honest and without the glamor of large-budget productions. This album is nine urban pop compositions and bold lyrics in which the sounds of hip hop, soul and even reggaeton are intertwined. However, this is just the beginning of the changes Margaret is preparing for. Soon a new project will appear, which will be a development of what she has presented on the last album.

She is currently working on her own brand. In addition to the patronage of young stars, she wants to devote additional attention to women, because as she says: she knows what difficulties they have to face and there is still a lot to do about it on the music market in Poland.

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