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Marta Bijan – 21 years old singer, composer and lyricist whose first, streamed online, song “Ciemno” began a whole series of ballads. In 2014 she rose to fame by taking part in the last edition of the Polish version of world known format “X-Factor” where she placed second. She quickly signed a contract with Sony Music Poland where she is currently working on her debut album. She officially released three singles “Poza mną”, “Mówiłeś” and “Śpiąca królewna”. Her love for creating art shines through a melancholic approach to pop music. Dramatic sounds of the piano and emotional vocals – that’s what she certainly has to offer to a world that constantly inspires her by its true, raw spirit. Her works evoke deep emotions from the listener, asking him to stop and reflect on his current thoughts, actions, and beliefs.

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