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After the impressive debut, Melika became one of the most interesting new names on the polish musical map. The project breathes some freshness into native scene by intertwining electronic inspirations with pop style. Tales Part One, a debut album from 2016, was very well-received by both listeners and  journalists. The proof of that is Melika being awarded with the title of ‘Brand New Of 2017’ for the most promising young artist by the ‘Brand New Anthem’. Melika was also included in “Muzyczne Nadzieje 2017” in a SO!MUSIC plebiscite. The aftermath of those successes was performing with artists such as Rebeka and Bovska.

In 2020 Melika, performing in a trio, with Paweł Rychert who is in charge of the production as well as electronics and Dawid Pawlukanis as the drummer, is going to release an EP titled Tales Part Two.

The album described by the authors as a tale having its occurence between the consciousness and the dream, is an eventful journey through diverse styles, that the band has captured in a shape of a song. An intricately formed mosaic of electronic sounds and classical instruments, brings to one’s mind such renowned bands as Goldfrapp,The Knife, Woodkid and Bokka. Tales Part Two does  not let the listener  catch a breath, engulfing the recipient with intense feelings. With the new material, Melika proves that an ambitious vision of the pop music, without any banality and with no form over substance is possible and the afore mentioned album created by these Wroclavian artists is a proof of that.

Melika is going to perform at this year’s edition of  Spring Break, the biggest and most important showcase festival in Poland.

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