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Miętha is a duo created by rapper Skip and producer AWGS. The artists has known each other for six months and it took so long to write and record their debut album “Audioportret”. The band offers fresh, characteristic and organic playing, enriched with Skip’s vocal abilities, surprising for such a short stage experience. Both musicians provided a common, coherent and complementary material, aspiring, according to record label Asphalt, for the debut of 2019. The album was assisted by: Moo Latte (playing instruments on several songs), and ENZU (mix and mastering). AWGS: “Together, we wanted to create a project that will enrich the current musical soil and inspire people to bolder sonic experiments. This is a sound transmission created from friendship, long conversations in the studio, liters of coffee and jars full of herbs.” The band debuted on stage on 25th July, 2019 in exceptional circumstances as the official and only support of the band 30 Seconds To Mars  in Dolina Charlotty (they were personally selected by the artists). On 14th November they will play for the first time in Warsaw at the “Kulturalna” cafe-club in the PKiN.

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