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Film composer, producer and performer based both in Los Angeles and Poland. His most recent credits include a feature drama ‘In This Gray Place’ with Phil LaMarr (‘Pulp Fiction’) — BEST MUSIC award at Polish Film Festival 2018 in Los Angeles and comedy-horror ‘Suicide for Beginners’ with Sid Haig (‘Kill Bill 2’) and Corey Feldman (‘Gremlins’). His score for a documentary ‘The Wounds We Cannot See’ got multiple awards in USA and India (including Best Original Music/Score at  Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards, Award of Recognition – Music Score at Hollywood International Independent Documentary Awards). Miro also participates at performances and festivals such as Sesilus, Silent Cinema Festival or Warsaw Festiwal ‘Innocent Sorcerers’ but also Męskie Granie Festival and Off Camera Film Festival. His music mixes minimalism with a ‘rawness’ of the north and a Slavic melancholy blended with the classic sounds.

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