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A circle with a line on top. A new era of Urban Zen. Craziness with depth. Grooves with thought. Catchy tunes played from our souls… Soul, Funk, Pop, Rock, Jazz and Hip-Hop, you name it, we play it – to express! Come and see us live! Extreme Pop or Stand-Up Jazz are only two attempts to describe the mostly Soul / Funk based yet uncompromisingly free music of M?rk and its effect on the human brain. Mark Zentai (vocals), Gabor Novai (keys), Jason Balint Szeifert (bass), and Daniel Ferenc Szabo (drums) have quickly found their way into the heart of Budapest’s underground music scene by playing in people’s living rooms, unusual venues (e.g. a climbing gym) or classic clubs like the famous A38 ship and are continuously building their fanbase by doing what they do best: dissolving imaginary boundaries by creating music from their hearts. After some successful single releases and self-made music videos the band;s first studio album called „You Are Free To Choose” has just been released in digital and physical form, which in addition to being an intense piece of Extreme Pop Art also makes it possible to dive deeper into into the world of Mörk thanks to a uniquely interactive CD-booklet. The band has been actively writing new songs and playing shows in Hungary, Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic in 2016 and 2017 to reach more and more fans.

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