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Ola is a true vinyl lover. Her collection of vinyls has been on the rise since 2008. She is famous for her eclectic style; sometimes plays analog, deep, hard but melodical sounds, on the other hand also loves sunny disco house or Chicago house . The main reasons she started playing was to simply bring people happiness and share her music taste. Since the beginning of her career she’s been a member of the Move Move collective. From September 2015 she started her own party cycle Move Mózg. From September 2018- resident of Warsaw club- Jasna 1. Her event list includes a lot of big gigs where she supported important artists from the electronic scene, such as: Steffi, Virginia, Xosar, Object, Lake People, FJAAK, Jimmy Edgar, Luca Lozanno, Soundstream, Elektro Guzzi, Session Victim, Konstantin Sibold, Tin Man, Dr. Rubinstein. She also made an appearance at festivals such as: Plötzlich am Bodden (GER, PL), Feel Festival (GER).

Cyryl is a DJ, promotor, vinyl lover, Jasna 1 Club Warsaw resident. His collection of records has been growing for 10 years. He has organized many events in the best clubs in Poland. The most popular is the Move Mózg series, which has been held more than 40 editions. He is a vinyl digger, which determines his style of play as eclectic – he love to have fun from mix genres and styles in his sets. You could hear his set in clubs in Poland, Germany, Great Britain, Israel or Belarus. He play with artist like Fjaak, Object, SoundStream, Minilogue, Luca Lozano, Borrowed Identity, Psyk, Xosar, Barker, Frivolous, Konstantin Sibold, Conforce, Damian Lazarus, Jimmy Edgar, Ike Release, Asquith, Public Possession, Untold, Fort Romeau and more! He likes to look for new emotions in music and share them with the audience.

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