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She stepped into the music market very confidently. Her debut album “Lupus Electro”, which was released in 2014, has revolutionized the Polish electronic and pop scene and was granted the Golden Record status. Singles from this record were sold in over 250,000 copies (songs “Bądź duży” and “Error” gained the status of Diamond Discs, the single “Error” reached the first place in the AirPlay ranking!). At the same time, Natalia has become undisputed musical icon of Internet with over 170 million views of her music videos!


Her second album “Discordia” premiered on 20 October, 2017. Songs from the new album can be listened to as a record of experiences related to following an independent path not only on artistic grounds, but also in life.


To the surprise of fans and the music industry, in November last year Natalia released a new album without any announcement. The “Origo” mini-album is an extremely important step in the discography of Natalia Nykiel. We got used to a careful selection of collaborating artists on her albums, but this time the list of names appearing on the back of the “Origo” is really impressive. The creators of the new songs are international artists such as Stevie Aiello (music director of the band Thirty Seconds To Mars, composer of their many hits) Josh Farro and Hayley Williams from Paramore and the British revelation of soul music – Daley.


“Origo” is Natalia’s first album that has appeared on the international market. It collected excellent reviews from critics and won 2nd place on Empik’s bestsellers. She was also nominated for Fryderyk award in 2020 in the category of “Electronics Album of the Year”.

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