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Natalia Przybysz has one of the most interesting female voices on the Polish music scene and is a composer and songwriter. In 2001 together with her sister Paulina they made their debut creating band Sistars. The band turned out to be a phenomenon, creating a new style on Polish market, winning awards, favorable reviews of journalists and tops of the charts, but above all – the hearts of listeners.


After the end of Sistars, Natalia focused on a solo career searching for her own artistic path.


In 2014, album “Prąd” was created. It is from this album that such songs as “Miód” or “Nazywam się niebo” come from. The album was platinum and won Fryderyk award in the category of “Album of the Year – Rock” and the song “Miód” won in the category of “Single of the Year”.


In 2017, the album “Światło Nocne” saw the daylight. The album includes such songs as “Światło Nocne”, “Dzieci Malarzy”, “Świat wewnętrzny” and “Przez sen.” For this record, Natalia Przybysz received Fryderyk award in the the category of “Album of the Year – Pop”.


In autumn 2019, the album “Jak malować ogień” was released.

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