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Their past release ‚Help Our Souls‘ became an international dance anthem and has since been clicked over 4 million times. Their remix (Urban Contact Remix Epic / Ultra) clim-bed the Austrian charts and became a radio favorite; to date over 20 million streams on Spotify. Their success gradually rippled through to America where they played at the renowned SXSW festival in March 2015, leading to their support for 30 Seconds to Mars. After finishing their new album „Perspectives“ in Berlin, NI-HILS return with their three main singles „Dreaming“, „Bre-athing“ & „Put you back together“, which have created a really big buzz through various notable Playlists on Spotify. Their debut album, „Perspectives“, co-produced by Niko Stössl and Paul Kinski in Berlin, is the logical result of this long-term development process and one that can be he-ard. There is a natural symbiosis between the innovative sound that NIHILS has created and how the band has ma-tured.

Supported by INES – Innovation Network Of European Showcases.

Supported also by Austrian Music Export and The Austrian Cultural Forum Warsaw.

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